Isosure is an approved provider of environmental management systems, health and safety training and quality management systems.

Taking care of our environment and the health and wellbeing of our employees, customers and other stakeholders is good for business – ultimately it increases profits.

Companies spend thousands of pounds building their reputations and brands. Sound risk management supports this core value, wins friends and builds loyalty.

Isosure has many solutions suitable for all businesses, designed to make becoming more compliant, much easier. With our online training courses, often employees can have access to the relevant training within a couple of hours of signing up.

Membership brings access to a wide range of facilities, designed to help you stay compliant with current legislation and with changes before they occur. We will help you from recruitment to the exit interview phase of employment and to develop and maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

  • Translating Health & Safety and HR legislation in a straightforward way.
  • Providing information and downloadable, policies, procedures and documentation.
  • Relevant news and legislation updates are flagged throughout the year.
  • Unlimited access to the experienced advisors of the “Ask the Expert” service.
  • Saving time through easy to use Search facilities.
  • Comprehensive guide to business continuity and disaster recovery processes
  • Manage your driver, vehicle and service information

Our online risk & safety management service supports managers to understand, audit, improve and document their workplace risk & safety management, with unlimited access by email to our panel of expert safety consultants. Just click on the Paypal button which best suits your requirements, and unlock the vast quantity of information, documents and downloadable templates we have ready for your consumption.

Monthly Subscription (£40 per month)

Annual Subscription (£400 per annum)


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Training Videos

Below are a number of sample videos that are used as part of our online training. The full videos are part of an online training package that can be completed at a time to suit the learner. They are compatible with PCs, tablets and a range of mobile devices. In addition to being a cost-effective way of training for all employees it brings to life the reality of the hazards involved in areas such as Manual Handling at Work, Driving and Working at Heights. Reports can be stored online or printed, enabling you to track learners and test results. The full videos are available, along with the online test, please call us for more information about how to purchase these online training videos and start your training today! *Titles are ROSPA approved.