Environmental Management

An Environmental Management System enhances your reputation and is good for business. Achieving competitive advantage in today’s marketplace is a challenging task.

Fact 1. An Environmental Management System (EMS) is THE current issue for all environmentally aware companies. It is the benchmark standard for all ethical businesses wishing to minimise their costs arising out of current emission and land fill charges. A well implemented policy that is embraced by all employees provides cost savings, not only through energy and recycling, but also by examining your purchasing policy and eliminating unnecessary waste in the supply chain. Thus, significant savings can be realised.

Fact 2 . A small manufacturing company saved £45,000 in the first year after an Environmental Impact Assessment of its cleaning process identified a safe, cheaper cleaning agent. Isosure will guide companies whatever their size through the complex world that is Environmental Legislation by offering support, advice and training.

Fact 3. People are choosing environmentally safe products in greater and greater numbers. Ethical trading is gaining a higher profile often promoted by the local press and schools.