Why Subscribe To Isosure?

Our online safety management service allows untrained managers of small and medium sized enterprises to understand, audit, improve and document their workplace safety management, with unlimited access by email to our panel of 12 expert safety consultants.

What Are The Benefits Once I’ve Subscribed?

Save your money on employing external consultants Reduce the number of injuries, protecting your productivity and profits
Stop wasting time searching the Internet for answers Defend yourself from compensation claims
Update your H&S Policy and Risk Assessments Manage and resolve any safety problems that you face
Self-assess your current procedures and suggest improvements Obtain liability insurance on preferential terms or rates
Stay up to date with changes to the legislation and relevant safety news by email Get specific written help on any safety problem you face
Demonstrate that you are effectively managing your risks

Ready To Subscribe?

Just click on the Paypal button which best suits your requirements, and unlock the vast quantity of information, documents and downloadable templates we have ready for your consumption. If you’re still not convinced, please contact us by email and one of our customer service advisors will contact you for a no-obligation discussion, or to arrange a 10 minute demonstration!

Monthly (£40 Per Month)

Annual (£400 Per Year)