Quality Assurance

The quality standard ISO9001:2015 is the framework for business excellence in the UK. By embedding your ISO9001:2015 quality management system into your business system, excellence becomes a habit, high performance a way of life and the identification of risk a learning tool that delivers a real return on your investment.

Business needs great leaders to thrive.  ISO9001:2015 provides the structure to ensure that leaders deal with the priorities that provide business growth, encourage agility, reduce waste (time and resources) and generate greater profit.

Fact 1. Most buyers in medium to large enterprises prefer to do business with companies that have accredited Quality Management Systems. Isosure can help you implement ISO9001:2015 within six to twelve months.

Fact 2 . By following best practice, implementation of ISO9001 will save you considerably on inventory costs alone; in one business savings of £250,000 were made on work in progress stocks. Do you know the cost to your business of not getting things right first time?

Fact 3. Most businesses will recoup the cost of implementing ISO9001 in two years. In fact Isosure guarantees it for companies with 20 or more employees*. ISO9001:2015 focuses on process improvement and the achievement of strategic Quality Management System objectives.

Fact 4. A successfully implemented Quality Management System will motivate employees to become internal consultants, actively looking for improvement objectives. One company achieved cost savings equivalent to £1,000,000 worth of extra sales.

*subject to agreed project deliverables